Symfony Live Unconference

After the success of the unconference at Symfony Live Paris in 2011, we've decided to organize the unconference again this year. We've even decided to extend it to be two days! As last year, the unconference will run parallel to the main conference tracks.

What is an unconference? Basically, an unconference is a less formal track in a conference, where attendees can present a topic they care about. There is, however, no call for papers for the unconference. Opposite to the main conference, the schedule for the unconference is simply created by attendees who claim a spot. In a good blogpost on the subject, Lorna Mitchell described several different types of unconferences. For the Symfony Live unconference, we are going for the "First Come, First Served" type. In practice, this means that you can claim your spot in the unconference track schedule by coming to the unconference crew and telling them which spot you want, what the title of your talk is and a short description of the talk. And even though the crew has the power to deny a talk, in practice this usually hardly ever happens.

So, if you've always wanted to speak at a conference and you have something worthy of sharing, come prepared! Make sure you have your slides and story prepared so you can register for a slot in the unconference track. Your talk can be about anything related to Symfony: If you have an awesome case study to present or you have an awesome bundle that you could fill a complete session about, or you want to discuss a certain topic, or simply present about a topic you're passionate about, as long as it is related to symfony or Symfony2, here's your chance to do just that.

The Symfony Live unconference is sponsored by Techademy.